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We provide the protection your brand needs

Identifying phishing attacks, brand theft and fraud that target your business
through groundbreaking technology, created by the brightest minds.

Discover phishing attacks
before they are launched

Prey platform will recognize phishing attacks as early as within the planning stage. It will monitor 24/7 for suspicious domain names and cloned pages and alert you of every relevant finding.

The use of artificial intelligence for the analysis of tens of thousands of phishing attacks and the implementation of multiple intelligence sources and public feeds result in a more effective way of identifying fraudulent activity and taking the proper measurements.

Protect unaware users from scam and fraud

When yours users provide credentials or send money to fraudsters who impersonate your brand, your image and credibility is affected.Take the necessary preemptive steps  to tackle scam attempts before they reach your customers.

Social Networks Monitoring

Keep an eye on malicious activities across your communication channels.

Protect your users and customers from scam by analyzing contents and recognizing threat actors in real time.

Malicious tweets and fake accounts

Real-time monitoring and alerts of suspicious tweets and accounts impersonating your brand, for the specific configured values.
Automatic abuse report leads to a more effective taking down of the contents.

Suspicious Facebook posts, pages and fake account

Prey Platform is the only solution capable of monitoring Facebook since the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Recieve alerts for every suspicious post abusing your brand and fake pages or fake accounts.

Malicious activities and fake groups

Google+, though not the most used communication channel of all social networks, is commonly used by scammers to deceive unsuspecting consumers of your brand.

Telegram fake admin accounts and groups

Automatic real-time identification of fake profiles related to the brand, such as group admins and fake groups mimicking the official group. This module complements the advanced Telegram Bot used for moderation of groups.

Identity theft and fake account recognition

Linkedin is a common ground for scammers to try targeted phishing attacks.
Prey platform searches and destroys fake profiles as soon as they are created.

Telegram Group Bot

When community managers and administrators can’t keep up with the activities of the group,
our telegram bot will moderate and clean suspicious and undesired activity, protecting your community.

Peace of mind
for your community

The telegram bot will validate every user of your group/community and every message for contents that try to scam your legitimate group members.

There are many possible configurations that can be customized to fit your needs.

Try our telegram bot for free for two weeks.

Contact us and request a demo customized for your brand


Your business has more chances to succeed with a strong team that has your back

Hawk Cyber Security, the firm behind Prey, is one of the leading security services companies, created with the goal of protecting organizations at risk across the world. It is comprised of highly experienced professionals in the areas of cyber security, security architecture and design, cyber warfare and incident response.

The company’s motto: “Building trust through results”, reflects the values and commitment to deliver what organizations need in order for their overall security to be of high standards.



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